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UNESCO grants Indonesia's angklung cultural heritage title

Angklung is an Indonesian musical instrument consisting of two to four bamboo tubes suspended in a bamboo frame, bound with rattan cords. The tubes are carefully whittled and cut by a master craftsperson to produce certain notes when the bamboo frame is shaken or tapped. Each Angklung produces a single note or chord, so several players must collaborate in order to play melodies. Traditional Angklungs use the pentatonic scale, but in 1938 musician Daeng Soetigna introduced Angklungs using the diatonic scale; these are known as angklung padaeng. 

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Interactive Angklung for Peace and Unity

In order to express our deepest condolences with what has happened in Sydney recently, the Indonesian Diaspora in Australia and the Indonesian community are planning to echo the message that 'we are one' at Martin Place

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Join us: Angklung for World Record at Indonesian Festival July 9, 2011

Saung angklung Udjo

The World Record of The Largest Angklung Ensemble - Washington DC

Angklung Indonesia