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Plastic Ocean

Cassava Plastic Project:

Cassava plastic has been produced for quite sometime as depicted in the following two YouTube videos:

  1. Indonesian factory produces eco bags with cassava roots
  2. Cassava: An Indonesian Solution to the Global Waste Problem

The project is called "Ecoplas (cassava based plastic)" and it is registered as business: Greenhope. The technology has been widely scrutinized, tested, certified, to ensure trust and credibility. See  website attached

Problem Description:

Ecoplas has been invented and produced for quite sometime, but people in Indonesia and the world are still using the "cheap" Oil based plastic for convenience and governments all over the world are putting a blind eyes to the real costs and problems of using oil based plastic, as the costs are mostly hidden. But one day we all have to pay it back in the future with extremely big cost and impact to our environment!

Problem Solution:

Raise awareness of the Ecoplas product to Indonesia nationwide as well as to the world for tourists visiting the NUSANTARA GATEWAY Bamboo Cafe in the Thousand Island.

Social and Environmental Impact:

By means of extremely simple natural products such as cassava, coffee and bamboo, will help create a sustainable world by preserving FOOD, WATER and ENERGY.



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