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Coffee Luwak Project

The project is called "Smart Luwak Tracking System (SLTS)" and it is an NGO project, but not registered yet.

Problem Description:

Currently cruel practices are used to  produce Luwak coffee beans (Just Say No To Kopi Luwak).

Responding to the area of concern with a socially and environmentally impact solution:

Using GPS to track the Luwak (civet cat), so the civet cat can be released back to the wild in order to contribute to the natural process of fertilizing the forests whilst still producing Luwark faeces that can be collected  by the  farmer as depicted in the following picture: 

Social and Environmental Impact:

People  can still enjoy a cup of Luwak coffee and the bond between Luwak coffee drinker and the civet cat will be stronger. Therefore "SAY YES to COFFEE LUWAK!".

Mount Manglayang, West Java Coffee

WEST JAVA COFFEE BERJAYA IN AUSTRALIA Bandung - Saturday, (20/5/2017) 

In the Year 2016 Head of West Java Provincial Plantation Office Arief Santosa and coffee farmers visiting the office of the Consulate General in Sydney. 
The main objective is to promote coffee products from West Java to coffee business in Sydney. 
Following on from the results of the visit, the Consulate General in cooperation with Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Sydney and Indonesian Investment Promotion Center (IIPC) Sydney presents business actors in the coffee industry such as importers, coffee shop owners, coffee business diaspora and Q Grader, Mr. Tony Marci to test the taste of Sam's Farm coffee blend from Mount Manglayang West Java Indonesia. 
From the taste results turned out that Sam's Farm coffee is very satisfactory. With these results, Indonesian coffee from West Java encourage to explore the continent of Australia and found in various coffee shops in big cities. 
The Fruitful Struggle Result of Rudolf Wirawan as Founder and CEO of Wirasoft Pty Ltd submits the West Java Coffee to Australia's largest coffee promotion event, Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) 2017. Sam's farm sends 2 samples of green bean Honey and Red Honey from Mount Manglayang through Diaspora Indonesia for testing taste, value of more than 80. Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) 2017 as an effective meeting of coffee industry entrepreneurs, among others in the field of green bean traders, wholesalers, roasters, commercial and dometic equipment, cafes and frachises, education and training. 
Along with the 2017 MICE activities, there was also competition for The Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) 2017 for a number of categories, where _PT. Mustika Pamatri Nagri sends copies from Mount Manglayang West Java (Sam's Farm) participants from Indonesia managed to get the Bronze medal for the category of West Java Coffee Filter Blend Pour Over class - single origin.




BANDUNG-, Melbourne International Coffee Expo '(MICE) back in title on March 28th to April 1st 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. The biggest event in Australia is the promotion of coffee industry as well as an effective forum for business people and educational events. 
In this important event, 6 (six) Indonesian companies participated participated, namely 1). The Q Coffee, 2). Opal Coffee, 3). Sumatera Coffee House, 4). Mandhaeling Coffee, 5). PT Bustabica Bumi Pasemah and 6). Harrysons Coffee Roaster. 
Stand Indonesia in addition to displaying the best coffee products, also presented a cupping session with the intent to prove the quality and quality of coffee in front of coffee lovers and businessmen. Unexpectedly, it turns out this cupping session gets special attention for the visitors, especially the buyers, silih turn to the Indonesian stand. 



Remarkable Indonesian Coffee

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