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Green Energy Project

Green Energy Project:    

Renewable energy is just that - renewable. Unlike other energy sources that will one day be depleted.

Problem Description:

Fossil fuels draw from finite resources that will eventually be depleted, becoming too costly to retrieve, as well as highly damaging to the environment. 

Problem Solution:

In contrast, renewable energy resources, e.g. wind and solar, are constantly replenished through natural processes. The positive impact of these resources include:
  • Reduction in air pollution and global warming emissions
  • Improved public health
  • Helping to stabilise energy prices
  • Creation of new jobs and industries
  • Diversification of our power supply and increased reliability
  • Reduced dependence on fossil fuels

Social and Environmental Impact:

All energy sources impact the environment, but fossil fuels, eg. coal, do significantly more harm compared to renewable energy sources, with the negative effects including air and water pollution, loss of wildlife and their habitat, as well as global warming emissions.

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