Additionally, another major advantage of dealing with Wirasoft is our unique ability to provide small to medium businesses with access to a 'virtual workforce'.
In today´s competitive markets, outsourcing has been a desirable strategy for many businesses wishing to maintain an indispensable competitive edge. However, such obstacles as cultural/language barriers, high set-up/training costs, differing legal systems or conflicting objectives may limit the benefits of outsourcing to only larger businesses.
Wirasoft offers you a solution. We will deal directly with IT vendors to assist with alleviating the many challenges of dealing with overseas third party organisations. Wirasoft will work closely with IT vendors to align IT talent and skills with YOUR organisational strategy.
Wirasoft has also established strong relationships with Indonesia. It is currently in partnership with a leading Indonesian IT service company iForte as well as a leading IT educational institution Politeknik Information DEL. Wirasoft´s key objective is to build a high calibre workforce, having such relationships assist to create a synergy of talent that is aligned with client needs. Also see Partners for further details.
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