You know your organisation's strategy, but may not have the same expertise on the IT side of the equation. At Wirasoft, we can fill in the gaps by 'Taking the Technology Out of IT', leaving you with information, insights and effective solutions.
Based on your strategic vision, we'll show you the endless possibilities of using the latest and proven technologies to discover solutions past the stretches of your imagination. We do this for ALL our clients. Major solutions that we specialize in include:
    Consulting and Mentoring
Need some technical guidance on a JEE or IT issues? Wirasoft provides advice on Architecture & design, providing strategic architecture reviews and technical business analysis. 
    Corporate IT Training
Do your staff need further training or certification in order to expand the firmĀ“s capabilities? We provide training for a range of technologies including Grails, Groovy, O-R Mapping, ERD modeling, UML, J2EE, Java, Struts, Hibernate, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Spring and EJB. We also provide training for both Oracle and Sun Certification.
    Software Development
Need expert assistance on a software development project? We can assist in a wide range of areas including eCommerce and Web Development applications. We provide high quality, cost-effective services to cater to your individual software development needs.
    Open-Source Technologies
Want powerful, cost-effective, quality IT solutions? We specialize in open source technology in order to provide out clients with customizable, value-adding solutions.
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In today's business environment there is an increasing need for companies to stay competitive. Wirasoft can help you achieve this through Smartvillage outsourcing.

Smartvillage is a collection of dedicated IT professionals encompassing a combination of individuals and business pooled together by Wirasoft.
Through Wirasoft, our clients have access to a virtual workforce that enables them to not only expand their IT capabilities, but also to cut costs.